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Achieving Greatness

We all feel that we are capable and worthy of becoming so much more than what we are.

It has been my most profound discovery in the field of irony, that we are only capable of such things when we are willing to bare our soul and be judged by each opportunity that we desire to follow. The irony is that our greatest fear is being seen for what we actually are.  

To achieve greatness we must love what we pursue, and to love we must see and be seen – naked and without reprieve. 


RESPONSE: A Day in the Life of a Occupy Protestor

This video was posted HERE, I urge you to follow the link and see the full context.

Am I alone in my rage at this? Judging by the comment section, I’d say so.

I am twenty-something, I am college educated, I am gainfully employed, I have no criminal background, and I do not take drugs. I am also an Occupy protestor; I am shocked at both your arrogance, and your disgustingly castigatory attitude.

You, and your video, are a disgrace. You have skirted every single real issue that led what you call the unemployed – overeducated – hipsters to protest in the first place. Corporate greed is a small part of a huge problem, and your inability to see the larger picture is the perfect definition of ignorant.

How about we talk about the Levin-Coburn Report? After an exhaustive investigation into the financial situation there was no mention of “self-righteous, morally indignant, hypocrite protestors.” They cited financial firms taking advantage of clients and investors, grossly exploited credit ratings, and federal regulators who turned a shoulder to unethical business practices as primary factors in our current economy.

Were you out of the country as it became apparent that the housing market crash could not be attributed to natural rise and fall, rather to big-lenders ignoring any notion of solvency in favor of aggressive, risky, and immoral lending practices?

It doesn’t enrage you when the Bloomberg report publicizes extensive documentation that the central bank secretly loaned more than $7 trillion (at WAY below market rates) to major financial institutions that were on the verge of collapsing? What about those same financial institutions turning an estimated $13 billion in profits from these government loans, and boasting more than a 20% increase in executive compensation?

It’s undeniable that since this began to unravel unemployment rates have skyrocketed. They actually haven’t been this high since 1983, which coincidentally takes us right back in time to the birth of Reagan’s Supply-Side Economic policies.

Your video is well produced, and was actually slightly humorous, but you missed the mark sir. Your verbal lashing is misdirected, your belittling of the reason these people protest is only evidence of your ignorance, and you are a disgrace for standing so adamantly against tens of thousands of Americans who have chosen to peacefully voice their justified opinions.

Sad Sad City – Ghostland Observatory

Society – a Product of the Individual

I’ve yet to write anything under my Macrocosms heading, I feel as if this is the toughest of the subjects I have chosen to tackle. It’s not that it’s difficult to write about, only that people are unnaturally unwilling to look at the world (or society) from any angle outside of their own personal filters and beliefs.

The Triangle of Suffering

The Triangle of Suffering

Writing and expressing my insight into this subject, from such a broad view, reads very cold and jaded. This is not a tone (or viewpoint) that the majority of society is willing to digest with an open mind.

Individuals suffer the brunt of society’s shortcomings; that is to say a society which struggles with peace and gravitates towards violence damages its own individuals with that tendency for violence. The Occupy movement is a perfect example of this; our current society embraces greed, and readily trades fairness and love for dollars and power. This has certainly changed society as a whole, but undeniably, it is the individual who suffers the brunt of this greed.  It is the individual who lost his job and home, it is the individual who works for less while society profits more, it is the individual who suffers.

I make no excuses for the suffering of the individual; it is ignorant for any individual who acknowledges that he suffers from the shortcomings of society to publish this suffering as a call to justice – without also acknowledging that he himself is responsible for the creation and continuation of the society which causes his grief.

The rules and guidelines of any society are, by nature, determined by the upper-echelon of that society. This makes no reference to the fairness or rightness of those rules and guidelines, it creates a place to put our blame when those rules and guidelines do not protect the best interest of the society as a whole, but it certainly does not excuse the individual from his contribution to the product that his society’s rules and guidelines create.

This is a cycle that is only broken by personal strength and collective unity. My use of the term personal strength stems from the strength within an individual. The strength to acknowledge and accept that he is part of the problem, the strength to stray from society’s path of least resistance, and the strength to face the opposition that this stance will create. The majority of people you will encounter in your life are followers, they have never asked why, and dismiss any actions they may take towards overall progression at the simple thought of “What can one person do to change all this?”

One person can do nothing, but individuals, collectively sitting idle only unite to empower the very society which causes their individual suffering. Any individual who lacks the strength to stand alone in the face of great opposition has rendered himself useless in the areas of change and forward progression of society as a whole.

One unified group of strong individuals, who share a basic common goal, and stand for their personal values and morals at all costs is unstoppable. A group of this nature can never be without the individuals who make this group being willing to first stand alone.

The path to changing society begins with changing one’s self.  The path to changing one’s self, begins with accepting the weakness within, and the consequences of that weakness. The action that makes change possible is the strength to stand for what is right – while all of society sits idle.

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Chapter One

I had been a psychologist for 10 years.  Day after day the same stories: infidelity, depression, anger, obsession, they all have different faces of course; but the stories never change. My days had grown to be mundane, and I was beginning to feel numb; this day was no exception.

I kissed the kids and made lunch for the husband. There was a long wait for coffee, and traffic to accompany the ride – it was time to begin again.

“Your ten o’clock is here” Shelly buzzed.

“I’ll be right there”…

“Actually Shelly, send him in, I need to run to the restroom.  Tell him to have a seat.”

“Yes, of course” replied Shelly.

I returned from the restroom as he removed a brown bag from his shoulder. I offered him a bottle of water and waited to see whether he chose the chair or the couch.

“No thank-you” he replied “I’m okay for now.”

He chose the chair. This did not surprise me, there’s a certain security in the chair; in not having to decide how to sit on, or what to do with the pillows of the couch. I tried to guess what he was here for; it had become a little game of mine with new patients. I couldn’t put a finger on it, but there was something that said he didn’t belong.  Not that he didn’t belong here, he looked troubled, just that he didn’t belong.

He was well dressed, welcoming and polite; he was handsome. There was strength in him, and I could see it though it was hidden in his slouched shoulders and his soft voice.

“Hi, I’m Sandra, its Michael right?” I said

“Yes” he replied as he finally looked me in the eyes, they were blue, a distractingly beautiful blue.

“Well, what brought you here today Michael?”

He leaned over in his chair and picked the brown bag up off the floor. I watched his hands as he opened it and pulled out a leather binder. They were clean and well groomed; he seemed to move his body with a sense of intention, a directed meaning for his movements if you will.

“I want to read this to you” he said.

That threw me off quite a bit, it was the first time I had heard such a request, and I didn’t know what to say. I think he saw it in my face; he was kind enough not to point out the tension.

“What is that” I finally replied.

“I’m not sure yet, I haven’t read it.”

“Well Michael, what made you decide that you wanted to read it with me?”

“I wrote it” he said.

Still a little unsure of how to respond to his strange request, but quite intrigued at the offering he had brought me.

“How is it that you wrote this, and you don’t know what it is?” I asked him.

“I can’t explain that” he said. “There is a story that runs through my veins, and the older I get the louder I hear it. I halfway expect that you will recommend I be medicated, and the other half thinks that a psychologist may be the only person in the world that will give me an honest answer to what this is.”

He had won me over with his short direct emotionless sentences.  At that moment I wanted nothing more than to know what lay upon the pages of that book. I conceded my prior hesitations.

“Turn to page one” I said. “I will let you know when we are nearing our time.”

“Thank-you” he said

He cleared his throat as he opened the faded cover of the old leather binder…



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