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Introduction // Definition // Disclaimer

It’s My Life | The Criterion of Truth


I can’t write an accurate biography. Like any great story, it’s never about when, and at the end, the details didn’t really matter.

This is my life, it’s how I believe it, and it will be how I remember it in my dying days.


Truth has a variety of meanings, such as the state of being in accord with fact or reality. It can also mean having fidelity to an original or to a standard or ideal. In a common usage, it also means constancy or sincerity in action or character. The direct opposite of truth is falsehood, which can correspondingly take logical, factual or ethical meanings.

However, language and words are essentially “tools” by which humans convey information to one another. As such, “truth” must have a beneficial use in order to be retained within language. Defining this potency and applicability can be looked upon as “criteria”, and the method used to recognize a “truth” is termed a criterion of truth. (Wikipedia)

The rules of logic have no ability to distinguish truth on their own. An individual must determine what standards distinguish truth from falsehood. Not all criteria are equally valid. Some standards are sufficient, while others are questionable. (Wikipedia)


I stake no claim to the actuality of the persons or events contained within this book. This story is my life, as best I remember it. Any likeness of the characters or the events they are involved in unto any actual person or event is open to interpretation by the party who is reading it…

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