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RESPONSE: A Day in the Life of a Occupy Protestor

This video was posted HERE, I urge you to follow the link and see the full context.

Am I alone in my rage at this? Judging by the comment section, I’d say so.

I am twenty-something, I am college educated, I am gainfully employed, I have no criminal background, and I do not take drugs. I am also an Occupy protestor; I am shocked at both your arrogance, and your disgustingly castigatory attitude.

You, and your video, are a disgrace. You have skirted every single real issue that led what you call the unemployed – overeducated – hipsters to protest in the first place. Corporate greed is a small part of a huge problem, and your inability to see the larger picture is the perfect definition of ignorant.

How about we talk about the Levin-Coburn Report? After an exhaustive investigation into the financial situation there was no mention of “self-righteous, morally indignant, hypocrite protestors.” They cited financial firms taking advantage of clients and investors, grossly exploited credit ratings, and federal regulators who turned a shoulder to unethical business practices as primary factors in our current economy.

Were you out of the country as it became apparent that the housing market crash could not be attributed to natural rise and fall, rather to big-lenders ignoring any notion of solvency in favor of aggressive, risky, and immoral lending practices?

It doesn’t enrage you when the Bloomberg report publicizes extensive documentation that the central bank secretly loaned more than $7 trillion (at WAY below market rates) to major financial institutions that were on the verge of collapsing? What about those same financial institutions turning an estimated $13 billion in profits from these government loans, and boasting more than a 20% increase in executive compensation?

It’s undeniable that since this began to unravel unemployment rates have skyrocketed. They actually haven’t been this high since 1983, which coincidentally takes us right back in time to the birth of Reagan’s Supply-Side Economic policies.

Your video is well produced, and was actually slightly humorous, but you missed the mark sir. Your verbal lashing is misdirected, your belittling of the reason these people protest is only evidence of your ignorance, and you are a disgrace for standing so adamantly against tens of thousands of Americans who have chosen to peacefully voice their justified opinions.




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